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BIG Juvenile Captive Bred Dart Frogs $17.95 each! MANY VARIETIES!

Posted On: Thu Nov 19 19:19:17 2015     By: Dillon Wascher     Location: Bartlett, Tennessee
BIG Juvenile Captive Bred Dart Frogs 3-4 months old. $17.95 each! MANY VARIETIES! We are the largest, most innovative, breeder of captive bred dart frogs in the United States of America. EVERY frog we sell comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee on top of our live arrival and perfect health guarantees. Read more about us below or on out site.

For More Information Click Link:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Many thanks to you, and may God bless you mightily!
About us:
We are a dart frog only company and the largest single source dendrobates dart frog breeder in the country. We have over 10,000 frogs and tadpoles in house right now, and offer these perfectly sized, properly raised, frogs to you at these amazing prices because frogs are all we do.

We sell Juvenile Frogs, NOT babies:
All of the frogs we sell are at least 3 full months old, but why is that important?
Dart frogs pass growth hurdles when they exhibit growth spurts. The first, most important, growth hurdle is at about 3 months old. Frogs younger than 3-4 months old are babies and will need to be raised in a smaller enclosure before they can be introduced into a spacious vivarium.
  • Our frogs are VIVARIUM READY when you get them-Guaranteed.
  • We only sell those frogs that have past their first, most important, growth hurdle.
  • All our frogs are sold with a live arrival, perfect health, and satisfaction guarantee!
We always ship your frogs in coolers, not panel boxes.
We control temperatures using phase change temperature controls, in combination with heat packs as needed (not shown), to keep them comfy.
We can ship when others cannot.
Being located just minutes from the FedEx Global Hub means we drop off before 11PM Central and your frogs are to you by 10:30 AM in most cases. This one-way flight to you is the fastest and most secure in the industry. We expertly ship frogs 52 weeks a year!
Shipping Cost:

We are experts at shipping frogs all across the country, large or small lots, retail and wholesale with terrific rates for 1 or 500 frogs!

Captive Bred
We breed frogs and raise the offspring from the egg right here in the U.S.A. Each one is TOP quality, health, beauty, and strength, and guaranteed live arrival of course, but also SATISFACTION guaranteed. Our high standard of top quality will never disappoint. We have grown on the quality of our frogs and customer service. We offer them to you at the absolute best prices, because frogs are all we do. Many thanks! We breed for quality, health, beauty, and strength–always!

Moreover, each and every colorful pet frog we offer was raised from the egg by us in our facility. All of our dart frogs are covered by our Federally Registered SAFE brand—giving you the assurance our dart frogs are captive bred (not wild caught), completely harmless, and socially raised for group compatibility.

A bedrock scientific foundational fact about these frogs that is not going to change, is this:

Colorful dart frogs of any kind, regardless of their locale or origination, are only OFFICIALLY classified by their species names such as Tinctorius, Auratus, Leucomelas, etc. Other vernacular names are simply generic names given to describe them, i.e., tell them apart by their color and pattern. (Consider: "Powder Grey" Tinctorius for a Tinctorius frog with powder grey legs, or an "azureus", root word "azure", for blue Tinctorius frog, or "El Cope" for an Auratus frog found at a location called El Cope, "Patricia" for a woman that found some and imported them and the name stuck even though "Bill" may have imported some a couple days later, etc.) Stated another way, there are no subspecies and no official significance whatsoever to any of the variety names. To say the variety names for these frogs are official in any way is, according to the experts, "utter nonsense."

Colorful Groups are OKAY!
We raise our frogs in social groups as soon as they change from tadpole to frog. This group approach is terrific because they are not alone and the presence of other frogs is comforting. Thus, putting several different varieties of the 3-4 month old frogs we sell into a single enclosure is absolutely fine. We raise ten thousand (10,000) plus frogs and we know for sure this to be true, but be sure there is enough space, plenty of common leaf litter, and you stay within this guide:
  • ALL tinctorius of similar age/size can be housed together.
  • ALL auratus and leucomelas of similar age/size can be housed together.

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