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Up for sale is a complete designer Leopard Gecko breeding set up

Posted On: Mon Mar 9 13:28:28 2015     By: Jim Ingram     Location: Northeast Texas
The leopard Gecko’s consist of: 6 Females: All approximately 2 years old. Tangerine Sunglow Mack Snow Bell Albino Eclipse Het Diablo Blanco Tremper Bell Albino Radar Jungle Eclipse Tremper Sunglow

We also have 2 other adult females not included in the price, will explain to anyone interested.

4 Males: 2 males are approximately 3 years old, 2 are 2 years old. Mack Snow Jungle Eclipse Blizzard Super Hypo Carrot Tail

There are 14 babies ranging from 5 months to 8 months and are all very healthy and thriving on meal worms. Some are too young to tell sex, but all incubated for females @ 82 degrees. We have Albino’s, Mack Snow’s and various others from those listed above.

Along with the reptiles the following accessories are included: Tall Rack System with 12 tubs, Small Rack System for babies with 10 Tubs. 1 Incubator with bowls for eggs, 17 Ceramic Bowls, 18 Lee’s Mealworm Bowls, 12 Misc. Reptile Bowls all medium and small sizes, 1 1lb bottle of Osteo Form SA & Vionate Mix for meal worms, 12 oz bottle of Repti-Calcium, Mister Spray Bottle, 4 small hide half logs. 9 large hide half logs, bag of vermiculate, 3 lb bag meal worm substrate, 2 large cricket keeper plastic containers, 4’ of 3” heat tape, 1 Roll of Aluminum tape, Approximately 10 Heat tape clamps/connectors, 2 extra mini under tank heat pads, 12 metal water bowls, 7 10 gallon and 2 20 gallon tanks, all with heat pads and domes, 4 10 gal lids and 2 20 gal lids. There are some other misc. supplies to go along with the set up. Invested $3,00.00, asking $1,000.00 for entire lot.

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