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Purple Albino

Posted On: Fri Aug 22 16:10:42 2014     By: Jay Brewer     Location: Fountain Valley CA
Baby Female Purple Albino-$650

Dark Purple Albinos, selectively bred by us for rich color and contrast for generations now-they have been our passion since the beginning of our decades-long Albino Retic breeding! Purple Albinos are their own form of Albino- and breeding 2 Purples together will produce full clutches of Purples, while breeding a Purple into something else will produce het for Purples. Often confused with Lavender albinos, these are true purple albinos and when bred together will not produce any lavender or white phase offspring. If you want to be sure to have quality breeding stock, then you can't go wrong with these. If you have long been an admirer of the beautiful Purple phase Albino Retics, then these will not disappoint.

Email any questions you have to, or to talk/text about our snakes call Sales @ (714) 907-7312 direct for more information. CLICK THE DIRECT LINK BELOW FOR MORE PHOTOS AND INFORMATION

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