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Dwarf Sunstripe (Sunfire Genetic Stripe)

Posted On: Fri Aug 22 13:03:42 2014     By: Jay Brewer     Location: Fountain Valley CA
Baby Male Dwarf Sunstripe-$1,500

Baby Female Dwarf Sunstripe-$2,500

A favorite among many who have seen them, these Dwarf SunStripes were first produced here at Prehistoric Pets. These are extremely variable, and an absolutely beautiful combo, with the Sunfire gene creating aberrancies in the already complex pattern of the Genetic Stripe morph, and coating an intense, deep orange pigment like a new paint job over the steel blue bottom half of the snakes, which still glares through in random areas. Very deep pigment helps give these snakes a high amount of irridescence, and they are stunning in natural lighting. The new Albino form of this combo is one of the most breathtaking combos in existence, and has never been produced anywhere outside of our shop, anywhere in the world. Due to their Dwarf sizing, these snakes breed small, and are a very inexpensive animal to maintain in collections, and with the wave of new mutations being realized now, they are a very good investment for almost any breeder.

Email any questions you have to, or to talk/text about our snakes call Sales @ (714) 907-7312 direct for more information. CLICK THE DIRECT LINK BELOW FOR MORE PHOTOS AND INFORMATION

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