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Diablo Blanco Leopard Geckos for sale starting at $69.99

Posted On: Tue May 20 09:37:25 2014     By: Chris Malerich     Location: Xenia, OH
Diablo Blanco leopard geckos look exactly like a Blazing Blizzard with the exception of their eyes. This morph is patternless and is all pink in coloration bordering on looking white. They may have faint yellow on their sides. Their eyes can either be solid bright red with no visible pupil or snake eyes (half red and half yellow).

Being nocturnal animals they are more active during dusk and dawn. Leopard Geckos originate from dry rocky areas found in Afghanistan and Pakistan; however, importing these animals is no longer necessary due to their popularity in the breeding world. The juveniles have lots of energy but quickly become used to handling. The adult Leopard Geckos are very docile and are easy to breed. Leopard Geckos will drop their tails as a defense mechanism and will regenerate a new tail. When handling your gecko, hold the entire animal, not just by their tail. The new tail looks and feels very different from their original tail. The pattern on the juvenile geckos breaks apart into a spotted pattern as the gecko ages so adult and juveniles look very different from each other.

Price Range: $69.99 to $79.99

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