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CBB Phyllobates and Epipedobates Dart Frogs for SALE at Josh's Frogs!

Posted On: Thu Nov 8 07:43:05 2012     By: Joshua Willard     Location: United States
Josh's Frogs is proud to offer captive bred and born Phyllobates sp. and Epipedobates sp. dart frogs for SALE at Josh's Frogs! These frogs generally like it in the high 60sF to low 70sF, and do great in groups. This group also contains the most toxic vertebrate in the world - Phyllobates terribilis. Please note, all dart frogs are harmless in captivity, and do not produce their toxins. Prices start at $39.99ea - so check out Phyllobates and Epipedobates Dart Frogs at Josh's Frogs today!

Check our frogs out here:

To place an order or contact us, you can give us a call at 1 800 691 8178, via email at, or visit!

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