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CBB Dendrobates auratus for SALE at Josh's Frogs!

Posted On: Thu Nov 8 07:38:41 2012     By: Joshua Willard     Location: United States
Josh's Frogs is proud to offer a wide variety of Dendrobates auratus poison dart frogs - all captive bred by us for you! Dendrobates auratus occur in a wide range of color and pattern, and do great in groups! When kept in a naturalistic vivarium, Dendrobates auratus are very easy to breed, and make a great pet poison dart frog for the beginner or advanced hobbyist! Check out Dendrobates auratus at Josh's Frogs today - starting at only $39.99ea!

Check our frogs out here:

To place an order or contact us, you can give us a call at 1 800 691 8178, via email at, or visit!

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