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CBB Dendrobates leucomelas - Bumble Bee Dart Frogs - for SALE at Josh's Frogs!

Posted On: Thu Nov 8 07:29:55 2012     By: Joshua Willard     Location: United States
Josh's Frogs is proud to offer healthy, captive bred Dendrobates leucomelas aka Bumble Bee Dart Frogs for sale, all bred by us for you! Dendrobates leucomelas, also known as 'leucs' in the hobby, make a great dart frog for the beginner or advanced hobbyist. Known for their bold personality, readiness to breed, loud pleasant call, and ability to live in groups, Dendrobates leucomelas from Josh's Frogs make a great choice for a pet frog! Best of all, at Josh's Frogs Dendrobates leucomelas can be ordered at a great value - starting at just $39.99ea!

Check our frogs out here:

To place an order or contact us, you can give us a call at 1 800 691 8178, via email at, or visit!

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