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Upgrade Your Wardrobe: Quality Reptile Tee-Shirts and Sweatshirts (Living Gems Reptiles)

Posted On: Thu Sep 27 00:11:54 2012     By: Cliff Earle     Location: Los Angeles, CA
Living Gems Reptiles is pleased to offer a selection of six stunning tee-shirt and sweatshirt designs to upgrade your reptile wardrobe. These garments feature stunningly high-quality images, and have designs both on front and back.

Here is our classic “Reflected Logo” design, which captures our core belief that the quality of a firm’s animals should be a reflection on it:

Here is one of our four breeder designs, this one of “Alexandrite,” one of LGR’s breeder females, pictured with her namesake gem:

Here is a second breeder design, this one of (Ben) “Franklin,” one of LGR’s breeder males, pictured with the lightning and key that made him famous:

We also have breeder designs for “Hills” (male) and “Topaz” (female).

Finally, we offer a simple logo shirt at a bargain price (not pictured). All shirt designs are available in a wide range of colors, sizes (toddler to male 4XL/female 3XL), and weights (standard or heavyweight) -- your choice. Sweatshirt designs come in child, male, and female sizes. Details on all of these items can be found at our on-line clothing store here: [url][/url] (note non-clothing items are carried by a separate on-line store).

Living Gems Reptiles: premium Brazilian Rainbows (and merchandise!) from a disease-tested facility.

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