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Upgrade Your Art: Quality Reptile Calendars and Posters (Living Gems Reptiles)

Posted On: Thu Sep 27 00:12:56 2012     By: Cliff Earle     Location: Los Angeles, CA
Living Gems Reptiles is pleased to offer a selection of six breathtaking reptile designs to upgrade the walls of your home or office. These designs feature stunningly high-quality images, and capture the essence of everything good reptile art should be.

For calendars, here is one of our “2013” designs, which shows Morganite, one of the 2011 babies we produced, glittering in the afternoon light. It is available in both a poster (left) and magnet (right) form:

We have a second calendar showing Prometheus, one of our 2013 breeders, captured in a colorful head shot as he gazes out at the camera.

For posters, here is one of our four breeder designs, this one of “Alexandrite,” one of LGR’s breeder females, pictured with her namesake gem:

Here is a second breeder poster, this one of (Ben) “Franklin,” one of LGR’s breeder males, pictured with the lightning and key that made him famous:

We also have breeder posters for “Hills” (male) and “Topaz” (female).

Details on all of these items can be found at our on-line merchandise store here: [url][/url] (note clothing is carried by a separate on-line store).

Living Gems Reptiles: premium Brazilian Rainbows (and merchandise!) from a disease-tested facility.

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