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Venezuelan Suntiger (P. irminia)

Posted On: Fri Aug 3 17:46:50 2012     By: Joseph Mugleston     Location: Utah
Psalmopoeus irminia: Venezuelan Suntiger -- $20.00 ea.

These are a classic new world arboreal tarantula. They don't get very large as adults, but they pack all the personality and appearance of their bigger relatives. Adult females are a dark velvety black with bright orange tiger stripes and orange "swoosh" marks on the legs.

These are a bit flighty and may bite if provoked. In other words they are not a good tarantula if you are wanting to hold your pet spider. Their heavy webbing and brightly contrasting colors make these spiders an excellent choice if you are looking for a display species.

These spiderlings are right around 1" in length and growing fast!

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