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- 4 - Super Dwarf Retics Huge 8+ ft

Posted On: Thu May 31 14:20:29 2012     By: Catherine Johnson     Location: 2942 Heinemann Dr. Valley Springs, Ca. 95252
I have 4 huge super dwarf retics that I cant take care of anymore. They're about 5 plus yrs old, I have paperwork stating their pedigree, & date of birth. These are huge, strong, beautiful, breeding snakes my health is forcing me to sell. I've already done all the hard stuff, raising them since tiny babies, feeding them pinkies all the way to rabbits & chickens. All to get to this part to start the breeding I planned but unable to. This is such an opertunity & one that doesn't come along often. If your truely interested give me a call & we can work something out. Haven't looked to see how much their currently going for. Would be happy with a fair offer but know know thats not always possible.

So if you really think this is what you might want...

Call me at 209-772-8587 or 209-304-4894 anytime before 8pm or so. I'm located in Valley Springs, Ca. 95252

I'd be willing to ship them if you make the arrangments but hoping I wont have to do that.

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