Arlington, TX - Feb. 7-8, 2015
Tinley Park, IL - March 14-15, 2015
Arlington, TX - Aug. 29-30, 2015
Anaheim, CA - Sept. 12-13, 2015
Tinley Park, IL - Oct. 10-11, 2015

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Speakers - Arlington

Every year the NARBC has several presentations during the trade show. Speakers such as Mark O'Shea, Bill Love, Phil Tremper, Russ Gurley, Nigel Marven, Philippe de Vosjoli, Jon Cann, and others, provide a wealth of information in their areas of expertise.

WE ARE VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE OUR SPEAKER LIST FOR NARBC Arlington, Texas!! We hope to see you all there for this exciting lineup!

SATURDAY, February 7th, 2015:

12:00 pm – Greyson Offermann "Introduction to Reptiles for Kids"

Greyson has grown up around reptiles. He keeps his own breeding colony of Crested Geckos as well as a variety of snakes, amphibians, and invertebrates. Greyson has made presentations at a public library, schools, and even hosted his own weekly reptile camp.  He is excited about sharing his knowledge with kids and families at the NARBC. Greyson is the twelve year old son of Cord and AJ Offermann. He has an animal loving sister named Ryan. Together with lots of reptiles, the family resides in Austin, TX.

1:00 pm  - Deb Sydney “Basic Care of Turtles and Tortoises”
A Business Systems Analyst by day, Deborah’s second full-time job is managing a collection of over 200 Chelonians plus a variety of lizards and a few snakes.  Deborah lives in Central Texas where she breeds a variety of tortoises and turtles.   Her interests include design of outside enclosures and the design and building of winter tortoise houses with emphasis on inexpensive automated management of heating and cooling.  She is an active member of the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group and the Turtle Survival Alliance.
1:30 pm - Tandy Keenan “Oklahoma Reps & Not"

Tandy Keenan is a Biologist, Oklahoma Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, and active member of the Oklahoma City Herpetological & Invertebrate Society. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree (cum laude) in biology, Bachelor of Art degree in English, and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Biology at Emporia State University under the advisement of Dr. Lynnette Sievert. As a former large, small, and exotic veterinary technician, Tandy has experience with many species including draft horses, mules, and llamas but reptiles, snakes in particular, are a life-long passion. 

Tandy has been active as a wildlife rehabilitator since 1995 specializing in reptiles, including our native venomous snakes, and amphibians and assisting with other species as needed. Rehab cases can range from animals hit by cars to relocating venomous snakes from yards or garages to meeting with a girl who saved a black rat snake from being killed by her brother. The girl was so proud and said that she had learned how important snakes are to the environment through one of Tandy’s programs.

As an educator and former naturalist, Tandy offers many educational programs for groups ranging from “touching my first snake” for a pre-K class to wildlife safety training for companies with field personnel to helping a Girl Scout overcome her phobic-like fear of snakes. 

As a member of the Oklahoma City Herpetological & Invertebrate Society, Tandy serves as the Rescue & Adoption Coordinator/Liaison and Public Information Officer and other duties as needed. 

Because of her rescue work, she tries to keep her own snake collection small because there’s no telling what the next call may bring. Her current collection consists of a rescued ball python and Honduran Boa that were not adopted, a corn snake, a western hognose, and her 9 year old BCI, “Boshe.” Tandy commonly keeps Crotalus atrox, Crotalus viridis, and Sistrurus catenatus tergeminus rattlesnakes depending on program needs. Fours years ago, she had to euthanize her favorite rattlesnake, a prairie rattler named "Ali," due to age-related reproductive issues.

Her field experience includes reptile surveys, wildlife surveys on energy locations, bat surveys and sampling, road mortality surveys, and related work. In addition, she enjoys designing and implementing original educational programs and recent programs include “Why Does My Dog Do That?” and “Through a Dog’s Eyes,” an anti-bullying program designed for elementary to middle school students. 

In addition to her work with animals, Tandy enjoys travel, reading, dog training, hiking, archery hunting, shooting, spending time with family and friends, antiques, and collecting quality leather handbags.
2:00 pm  - Ari Flagle "A Return to the Home of the Black Python"

Ari Flagle, author of BLACK PYTHON and a pioneer in Boelen's Python conservation and research gives us an interesting look at his recent trip to New Guinea in search of this incredible python species.

2:30 pm - Carol Gravley "Reptiles In Art"

Join wildlife artist Carol Gravely as she presents a brief history of reptiles in art from ancient times to today.

Carol Gravley is an artist born and raised in Texas, but currently living in Oklahoma for some odd reason. She has held a passion for reptiles and other animals throughout her life and spent much of her recess time in preschool looking for horny toads and capturing actual toads with the boys while many of the girls looked on and made faces. She continues to enjoy similar activities into adulthood, but now uses the proper term of "field herping."

In 2005, she graduated with a degree in art from Hendrix College in Conway, AR where her senior project consisted of making various political statements using giant papier mâché rats in lieu of human beings. Most of her current artwork consists of everything from comic-book style characters to paper collages to semi-realistic wildlife portraits using illustration tools. She dabbles in the world of fantastic and whimsical sculpture, a little jewelry-making, and once attempted a brief career in graphic design before ultimately deciding that desk-jockeying isn't everything it's cracked up to be. She is now an assistant manager at a popular used and new bookstore chain by day and gecko and dog wrangler by night.

One of Carol's long standing passions has been a love for art history, including symbolism, techniques, subject matter, and just the over-arching question of WHY. Throughout her schooling, she received an utterly inexplicable thrill from writing research papers and spending time in those dusty old places called libraries. Naturally, this makes her a tremendous nerd and just the sort of person who would jump at the opportunity to give a presentation combining two things she is absolutely in love with: Art history and reptiles.

On the herpetoculture side of things, Carol breeds and tends to a small colony of crested geckos, coos over her adorable little mourning geckos, and protects her fingers from a grumpy leachie and overzealous California kingsnake. She hopes to eventually add more species to her collection as space and the insanely bipolar climate of Oklahoma allows.

When Carol is not at reptile shows, playing video games, watching Doctor Who, or wasting countless hours on Facebook, she can be found gallivanting about with the canine members of her household. She is a positive-reinforcement dog trainer and actively competes in various realms with her Border Collie and Swedish Vallhund, although her main focuses are agility and barn hunt.

Carol lives in Oklahoma City with her extremely tolerant spouse and a zoo that may rival many roadside attractions. She is a member of the Oklahoma City Herpetological and Invertebrate Society where she gives other members a hard time and the occasional seminar.

SUNDAY, February 8th, 2015:

1:00 pm – Wes Harris “Breeding Ball Pythons in the 21st Century”
Since 1986 Wes Harris has been  an enthusiastic hobbyist in the field of herpetoculture. With extensive first hand reproductive knowledge of over 100 species ranging from birds and mammals to reptiles, amphibians and tropical fish. ball pythons have been his primary focus since 1993.
2:00 pm  - Tim Cole (Austin Reptile Service and The Rattlesnake Festival) and Richard Butler (Oklahoma City Herpetology and Invertebrate Society) “Snake Days & Texas Rattlesnake Festival: Striving to make a difference in Texas!”

Tim Cole’s professional career began in Texas where he worked at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler.  While in Tyler, he also gained experience working on field study sites.  In 1989, Tim joined Wildlife Rescue Inc. of Austin and became a licensed Rehabilitator for Texas Parks & Wildlife.  In 1993, he became a certified Animal Control Officer.  In 2002, he was one of the founding members of the Austin Herpetological Society.  In 2003, Tim officially became self-employed and devoted full attention to his company, Austin Reptile Service.

Tim has been conducting Educational Reptile Programs since 1974.  He started out doing programs for my High School Biology Classes and Club.  He also did Educational Fund Raisers with the Chicago Herpetological Society for several years.  In Austin TX, he began conducting Safety Classes for Animal Control Officers, City, County, and State agency employees active in the outdoors, Environmental Groups, Corporate groups, Property Management, Home Owners Associations, Gardening Clubs, and Scouting Organizations.  Tim conducts individual classroom talks and assemblies for public and private school and daycares.


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