Arlington, TX - Feb. 18-19, 2017
Tinley Park, IL - March 18-19, 2017
Arlington, TX - Sept. 23-24, 2017
Tinley Park, IL - Oct. 7-8, 2017

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Speakers - Arlington

Every year the NARBC has several presentations during the trade show. Speakers such as Mark O'Shea, Bill Love, Phil Tremper, Russ Gurley, Nigel Marven, Philippe de Vosjoli, Jon Cann, and others, provide a wealth of information in their areas of expertise.

WE ARE VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE OUR SPEAKER LIST FOR NARBC Arlington, Texas!! We hope to see you all there for this exciting lineup!

SATURDAY, February 18, 2017:

1:00 pm Cord Offermann DVM: "Galapagos Expedition: Search for the Lost Tortoises"

The death of Lonesome George marked the extinction of another species... or did it?

2:00 pm Taron Langhover "Captive Care and Propagation of Dendrobates species"
Taron Langhover (Dart Frog Connection), one of the most successful breeders of dart frogs in the USA, will present his ideas on enclosure design, husbandry, and breeding of these amazing amphibians.
3:00 pm Ben Quintana "Keeping and Breeding Tarantulas"
Join Ben Quintana from Captive Inverts for a look at setting up tarantulas, feeding and conditioning them, and his tips on successfully breeding them in captivity.

SUNDAY, February 19, 2017:

1:00 pm Greyson Offermann (age 13) "New Caledonian Giants"

Join young reptile breeder Greyson Offermann for a talk on the care and breeding of the world's largest gecko. 

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