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Arlington, TX - Feb. 13-14, 2016
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Tinley Park, IL - Oct. 15-16, 2016

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Speakers - Arlington

Every year the NARBC has several presentations during the trade show. Speakers such as Mark O'Shea, Bill Love, Phil Tremper, Russ Gurley, Nigel Marven, Philippe de Vosjoli, Jon Cann, and others, provide a wealth of information in their areas of expertise.

WE ARE VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE OUR SPEAKER LIST FOR NARBC Arlington, Texas!! We hope to see you all there for this exciting lineup!

SATURDAY, August 29, 2015:

1:00 pm – Jerrod Tynes: "The Captive Care and Natural History of the American Alligator"

American alligators are one of North America's apex predators. These fascinating creatures have very complex and interesting life histories and serve a unique role in their environments. These awesome predators can be kept in captivity by the appropriate professional or expert, but do require work and a good knowledge base. Come join Jerrod as he speaks on the American Alligator and learn about this marvelous predator.

Jerrod Tynes earned his Bachelor Degree in Animal Science and Masters degree in biology from Texas A&M University - Commerce where he studied colubrids. He is currently is working on his PhD at the University of North Texas and will be researching the developmental biology and cardiovascular physiology of American alligators. He also currently works as an educational instructor for the Dallas Zoo and an adjunct professor of biology for Mountain View College. He also breeds snakes and lizards privately with the help of his amazing wife Ashleigh.

2:00 pm – Carl Franklin "Captive Maintenance and First Time Breeding of the Zulia Toad Head Turtle (Mesoclemys zuliae)"

Born a Texan at an early age, Carl Franklin was destined for herpetological greatness and claimed his rightful place in the legendary echelon of those who appreciated and studied subjects of a ectothermic nature.  Gaze cautiously and slowly upon him with your naked eye lest the magnitude of his charisma and masculinity cause inner reflections of self-doubt and worthlessness. Do however appreciate the chasm of silence that is the sound of every ear listening to his every sound and word both guttural and poetic. By following the aforementioned instructions you can gain useful insight into breeding toad headed turtles a fascinating subject for any cheloniophile.

Carl J. Franklin is a herpetologist, biological curator and collections manager of the Amphibian and Reptile Diversity Research Center at the University of Texas Arlington.  He has worked at the Fort Worth Zoo and Dallas Zoo departments of herpetology and El Serpentario de La Paz in Baja California.  He has published several popular and technical publications as well as two books about turtles.  He has also provided lectures and presentations about some of our often misunderstood wildlife to hundreds of audiences and all age groups. Asides from numerous outreach programs Carl has assisted with several wildlife documentary television programs, local news broadcasts and motion pictures pertaining to reptiles and amphibians. An avid outdoorsman and native Texan, Carl most enjoys spending time in the field with his family and friends - especially in places where there are turtles.

SUNDAY, August 30, 2015:

12:00 pm - Tell Hicks "Painting The Rattlesnakes of Arizona"

Join Tell Hicks is one of the world's leading wildlife artists, as he presents a look at his amazing paintings for the upcoming book, THE RATTLESNAKES OF ARIZONA.
Despite being completely self-taught, he has won many major awards within the screen-printing industry, for his t-shirt designs. He has been runner-up 'Wildlife Artist of the Year' in the UK and still produces work for Eco and other leading t-shirt printers, in the USA and Britain.

To achieve the realist representation that he was after, he developed new techniques in egg-temper painting, a very ancient medium, which requires much discipline in its application. In recent years he has successfully employed these techniques with oil paints on canvas. His passion for wildlife has led him to specialise in painting these subjects, but Tell also enjoys painting human portraits, and some of his other commissioned works include mosaics and sculptures. One such commission is of a fifteen foot sculpture of a rattlesnake tail, at the Chiricahua Desert Museum, Rodeo, NM.

Tell was recently awarded first prize at the "1st International Competition for Herpetological Scientific Illustration 2014", X111 Iberian Congress of Herpetology, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

Tell has his studio in Somerset, in the UK, where he lives with his wife and family. His fascination with reptiles and other wildlife continues to take him around the world, studying them in their natural habitat and gathering material for his highly detailed paintings. Many of these are now available from this website as beautifully produced limited edition prints.

1:00 pm – Michael Price: "Natural History, Geographic Variation and Captive Husbandry of Rock Rattlesnakes"

Michael Price is the Executive Director of the I-20 Wildlife Preserve in Midland, Texas, as well as owner of Wild About Texas, LLC. in San Angelo. His passion for rattlesnakes began in the late 1980's when he observed his first venomous snake in the wild: a beautiful Mottled Rock Rattlesnake near Alpine, Texas. Since that time, he has photographed and researched this geographically diverse variety of diminutive pitviper. While he was the Director of the San Angelo Nature Center, he collaborated with UANL (Universidad Autonoma Nuevo Leon) in Monterrey, the SRE (Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores) and the USFWS (United States Fish and Wildlife Service) on obtaining the necessary permits to collect and export Rock Rattlesnakes to the US from Mexico, joining the San Antonio Zoo and the Los Angeles Zoo as the only institutions in the US permitted to do so at that time. This presentation is a synopsis of the collecting data and captive maintenance of this intriguing species. Mr. Price is a published author, and his second book was released in the fall of 2014. He is also an accomplished photographer and many of his photographs have appeared in several national magazines and numerous field guides. His newspaper column entitled Wild About Texas can be seen in over a dozen west Texas newspapers. Mr. Price has been happily married for over 21 years to his beautiful wife Julie. Together, they have five wonderful children who, just like their dad, drive their mother insane with their passion for things of the ectothermic persuasion.

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