Arlington, TX - Sept. 27-28, 2014
Arlington, TX - Feb. 7-8, 2015
Tinley Park, IL - March 14-15, 2015
Anaheim, CA - Sept. 12-13, 2015
Tinley Park, IL - Oct. 10-11, 2015

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Speakers - Arlington

Every year the NARBC has several presentations during the trade show. Speakers such as Mark O'Shea, Bill Love, Phil Tremper, Russ Gurley, Nigel Marven, Philippe de Vosjoli, Jon Cann, and others, provide a wealth of information in their areas of expertise.

SATURDAY, September 27th, 2014:

1:00 pm - Kimberly Lucas "Crested Geckos: Their Captive Care and A Look at the Most Beautiful Crested Gecko Morphs in the Hobby Today"

Kimberly Lucas, owner of Gorgeous Gecko has been breeding crested geckos for 10+ years now and is considered one of the top breeders of collectible crested geckos in the reptile pet industry. She has developed an international reputation for consistently producing quality, healthy crested geckos.

2:00 pm - Dan Krull "Hognose Feeding Tricks and Techniques"

Join Hognose Snake specialist, Dan Krull, for an interesting talk about the care and breeding of Western Hognose Snakes. He will offer helpful hints on feeding new hatchlings, feeding problem feeders, scenting, switch feeding, and various other topics related to growth, feeding and diet.

SUNDAY, September 28th, 2014:

1:00 pm Jerrod and Ashleigh Tynes "Collegiate Herpetology: An Indepth Look at Texas College and University Herpetology Programs, Degrees and Current Research"

This talk focuses on major Texas universities and the opportunities for working with and studying herps at institutions that research these fascinating animals. A great talk for high school soon to be college students, college students looking for graduate programs, or the general public to get an idea of the animals being studied and preserved here in Texas.



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