Tinley Park, IL - March 14-15, 2015
Arlington, TX - Aug. 29-30, 2015
Anaheim, CA - Sept. 12-13, 2015
Tinley Park, IL - Oct. 10-11, 2015
Arlington, TX - Feb. 13-14, 2016

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Speakers - Arlington

Every year the NARBC has several presentations during the trade show. Speakers such as Mark O'Shea, Bill Love, Phil Tremper, Russ Gurley, Nigel Marven, Philippe de Vosjoli, Jon Cann, and others, provide a wealth of information in their areas of expertise.

WE ARE VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE OUR SPEAKER LIST FOR NARBC Arlington, Texas!! We hope to see you all there for this exciting lineup!

SATURDAY, August 29, 2015:

1:00 pm - TBA

2:00 pm - Michael Jacobi "Ornamental Tarantulas (Poecilotheria) in Captivity and in Nature"
Michael Jacobi provides an overview keeping and breeding overview of the popular tarantula genus Poecilotheria with insights into their natural behavior from his personal observations in Sri Lanka. This presentation will provide essential information on the captive husbandry and propagation of the ornamental tarantulas of India and Sri Lanka that is informed by the spiders' natural habitat and habits. The care methods presented will also apply to other arboreal tarantulas of the world. Michael (exoticfauna.com, spidershoppe.com) is a professional tarantula breeder, the author of Animal Planet's Tarantulas, and a world traveler and photographer. He has been in the exotic pet business since 1982 and kept and bred both spiders and reptiles for four decades. He is the North American Coordinator of the British Tarantula Society (BTS) and has lectured for the BTS, American Tarantula Society, ArachnoCon and NARBC. He hosts ArachnoGathering at the March NARBC Tinley Park, IL (www.arachnogathering.org). He is the publisher of the online database The Tarantula Bibliography (tarantulabibliography.net) and a world renowned authority on tarantula spiders.

SUNDAY, August 30, 2015:

1:00 pm - Tell Hicks "Painting The Rattlesnakes of Arizona"
Join Tell Hicks is one of the world's leading wildlife artists, as he presents a look at his amazing paintings for the upcoming book, THE RATTLESNAKES OF ARIZONA.
Despite being completely self-taught, he has won many major awards within the screen-printing industry, for his t-shirt designs. He has been runner-up 'Wildlife Artist of the Year' in the UK and still produces work for Eco and other leading t-shirt printers, in the USA and Britain.

To achieve the realist representation that he was after, he developed new techniques in egg-temper painting, a very ancient medium, which requires much discipline in its application. In recent years he has successfully employed these techniques with oil paints on canvas. His passion for wildlife has led him to specialise in painting these subjects, but Tell also enjoys painting human portraits, and some of his other commissioned works include mosaics and sculptures. One such commission is of a fifteen foot sculpture of a rattlesnake tail, at the Chiricahua Desert Museum, Rodeo, NM.

Tell was recently awarded first prize at the "1st International Competition for Herpetological Scientific Illustration 2014", X111 Iberian Congress of Herpetology, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

Tell has his studio in Somerset, in the UK, where he lives with his wife and family. His fascination with reptiles and other wildlife continues to take him around the world, studying them in their natural habitat and gathering material for his highly detailed paintings. Many of these are now available from this website as beautifully produced limited edition prints.

2:00 pm TBA


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